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Custom Web Design / Template Copywriting

Olabode, a seasoned information security professional with 15+ years of expertise, entrusted me with collaborating and designing for a custom website design for his services.

Focused on establishing a strong online presence and facilitating inquiries, the website not only showcases Olabode’s proficiency but also ensures seamless access to MUSTERION SEC’s valuable resources. 

I’ve also designed a custom logo, graphics, and a bookmark as part of MUSTERION SEC’s branding.

A key challenge involved ensuring a comprehensive website experience despite the client’s limited time for content creation. To address this, I proposed template copywriting. This solution significantly streamlined the process and facilitated a timely website launch.

Features 1

Clear Navigation: A horizontal navigation bar placed at the top provides easy access to the main sections of the website (Services, About Us, Contact, etc.).
Hero Section: A prominent banner showcasing a professional image with a clear value proposition.
Information Security Company Web Design 3
Strategic Use of White Space: The website incorporates ample white space, creating a clean and uncluttered layout that enhances readability.
MS 1
Typography: A clear and easy-to-read font throughout, ensuring good readability across devices.
Color Scheme: leveraging a primarily grey color palette with red accents. This combination evokes a sense of trust, security, and professionalism.

Features 2

Contact Page - Lead Capture Form
Even Calendar

Features 3

Call to Actions (CTAs): Home Page - Strategic placement of buttons like "Contact Us" and "Request a Quote" prompts users to take action.
CTAs: Professional Training Page
Contact Information: Easy access to contact is provided in the footer and contact page.

Tasks & Results

A Website Mock up that shows MusterionSec Responsive Web Design in 3 different Screen - Responsive Design

Tasks & Solutions

  • Competitor Analysis:
    • Researched online presence of similar companies.
    • Identified effective website elements and potential areas for improvement.
  • Developed a Custom Website for MUSTERION SEC leveraging a CMS:
    • Prioritized user-friendliness and visual appeal through extensive theme customization and targeted code modifications
  • Content Creation:
    • Proposed template copy writing to address time constraints.
    • Ensured a professional tone and facilitated future edits by the client.
  • Visual Design:
    • Created custom graphics to enhance the website’s visual appeal.


  • Client Satisfaction: Client expressed satisfaction with the website design, particularly the consistent visual style. Received a positive client review.
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